Wednesday, January 12, 2005

18 months is finally starting

Well, I leave for Kuwait on Friday. It turned out to be a few days earlier than we were supposed to leave. Originally we were leaving on the 17th. A few days earlier is fine with me though. Please dont send anything to my Fort Dix address because I probably wont get it. It has been a exciting yet frustrating last two months here. The training has been good for the most part, but we have had to put up with alot of stupid decisions out of our units hands. We lived out in a tent city for 16 days, then after christmas they told us we had to spend another 7 days in the field. It was basically so the tent city could get numbers for meals so they dont lose their contract because people dont go to breakfast in the morning (long story). But anyway, I'm glad thats all over with now. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible so you all can be updated on whats going on.

Inside our Packed tent with 18 people. Posted by Hello

Our tents we lived in at Camp Tiger. Posted by Hello

Me with the M2 - 50 cal. machine gun. Posted by Hello