Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Iraq update

Hello, nothing new to update about from Iraq. We have been doing the same mission which I can’t talk about. We have been staying pretty busy. The temperature has been slowly increasing. The past few weeks it has been in the 70’s. It seems a lot warmer when you have on pants, long sleeves, and body armor on. We got a lot of rain the past few days and got down pretty cool. I could see my breath the other day. I am staying pretty occupied in off hours with email, playstation, and movies. Trying to take as many pictures as I can when ever possible. I have some pretty interesting ones so far that I wish I could post. We are trying to get set up with our own internet server. Its to much of a pain to have to deal with the internet computer labs here. Some charge money, the speed is terrible, and they are only open certain hours. When we get our own server we will have access 24/7 from our own rooms. Our dining facility has greatly improved since we got here. The food is now edible and they don’t run out. Other than that there is not anything else to update on that I can tell you about right now.