Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just Another Day In Iraq

I have been trying to come up with something good to write about the past few days. I came up with a few things just now. The newest thing to happen is another dumb rule that will hopefully get straightened out quickly. I think it’s up there with the dumbest rules I have heard so far. Basically they want to take weapons away from soldiers that didn’t qualify (by qualify I mean fire the weapon at the range and hit the required amount of targets) with them before we left to come over here. They have carried them for the past 6 months and fired them at the range in Kuwait and Iraq. We have a few guys who were gone the day we went to the 9mm pistol range, because they were at a combat lifesavers course, training on saving lives practicing sticking people with needles while they also get stuck with needles. So they want to take their pistols from them. They will still have their M16 or their M249 but when we are here on our fob (forward operating base) do they want to carry the big weapon around with them or a pistol. The chance of us actually using the 9mm is pretty slim, but you never know when we might need it to save our own life or some one else’s. Anyway on a different note I was in the gym a few days ago when out of no where this little kitten came charging through the gym. Normally it wouldn’t have been that funny but for some reason it was, he was just a little guy. But from me laughing so hard when other people jumped at first because they thought it was a rat, I almost dropped the weights on myself. Well that’s all I got for now really. Everyone here is doing really good, trying to stay cool as much as we can. Just one last thought, why take away a soldiers 9mm away because he didnt qualify with it but knows how to use the weapon, but let the guy who shot an Iraqi in the foot with his M16 keep it? There was a safety on a M16 last time I checked. Hmmm, sounds kind of stupid to me!


At 22:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, I'm glad to hear things are going well for the most part. Iowa is hot right now, up in the 90's everyday, but then I have to stop complaining because I can't imagine the heat you are dealing with... Summer is almost over and I'll be back at Drake in a few weeks. And a few months after that you will be home :) Stay safe, God Bless!

At 15:40, Blogger Chevy Rose said...

Morning Jeff, today is Friday, August 12 at 0640 CST. Please check in.....beginning to worry about you.

At 20:19, Blogger Clayton R. Port said...

yeah that does sound kind of stupid

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