Saturday, September 17, 2005

New Mission?

Not that things aren’t busy enough for us, we just picked up another mission. Right now we have our primary mission to do which we are running missions everyday. On top of that we have FOB duties with right now is just chow hall duty and we supply two teams for QRF. Once we start this new mission we will have to borrow a few teams from other platoons here. And the days the other platoons are running the new mission we will have to give up some of our guys to help them. We are already lucky to see a day off, this just makes those days off even more out of reach. So hopefully the mission will get cancelled from us having to do it. And technically if you ask anyone in the military they will probably say there are no days off in the military. If you look at the pay we get and figure the dollar amount per hour, for the hours we work, we don’t make jack.

On a different note, my light bulb in my lamp just exploded on me the other day. Glass landed all over my things. And if I was sitting in my chair glass would have landed on me along with the glowing orange piece that fell out. Things are going just fine other than taking on the new mission. The three month mark is here I think. Can’t wait to get out of here.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Temporary Job

I started my QRF(quick reaction force) shifts a few days ago. QRF is if our platoons get attacked when they are out doing our missions, they call us and we go out to protect them and eliminate the threat. Our shifts go for a week and last 12 hours. We are on 3pm to 3am. The QRF has yet to be used since we have been here. Other than QRF we have still been very busy running missions. We have been a few new places in the past few weeks we haven’t been before. Leaves are almost all finished, just a few more of our guys need to go still. We are right around the 3 month mark, and I really cant wait to get out of here. The bonuses have gone up a little more for resigning. 3 year is now $10,000 and 6 year is at $20,000. Before we leave here it will probably be $15,000 for 3 and $30,000 for 6. Its awfully tempting but I’m still going to have to pass. The crap that I have seen and what I have gone through here is just not worth it to me.