Thursday, September 15, 2005

Temporary Job

I started my QRF(quick reaction force) shifts a few days ago. QRF is if our platoons get attacked when they are out doing our missions, they call us and we go out to protect them and eliminate the threat. Our shifts go for a week and last 12 hours. We are on 3pm to 3am. The QRF has yet to be used since we have been here. Other than QRF we have still been very busy running missions. We have been a few new places in the past few weeks we haven’t been before. Leaves are almost all finished, just a few more of our guys need to go still. We are right around the 3 month mark, and I really cant wait to get out of here. The bonuses have gone up a little more for resigning. 3 year is now $10,000 and 6 year is at $20,000. Before we leave here it will probably be $15,000 for 3 and $30,000 for 6. Its awfully tempting but I’m still going to have to pass. The crap that I have seen and what I have gone through here is just not worth it to me.


At 00:27, Anonymous the wife said...

hi honey! so glad you pick home over money. you're right...the chance of getting deployed again is too high. all of us and home (me, hayley, kirby, and otis are glad you are not resigning...oh, and especially your future babies!) Sohappy your "job" is temporary..hang in there...keep up the great work! I am thinking of you every second and miss you tons! Love Love forever and ever! Hey...who's the white rabbit?

At 18:25, Anonymous jeremy said...

They are little furry creatures that roam backyards and eat gardens up to tick people off. Personally, I like they way they taste, but apparently PETA doesn't agree with that.


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