Monday, October 31, 2005


I really do love mullets. Posted by Picasa


At 18:46, Anonymous the wife said...

Happy Halloween Babe! Nice costume... (I hope that's a costume!) At least you're not wearing heels and boobs this year! I'm not quite sure what your thing with having long curly hair is all about...but I love you anyway...very very much! Nice to see Mr. Rat on your shoulder too. Hi Mr. Rat. Hope you got lots of treats and not very many tricks. Hayley is going to be wearing her Soldier costume proudly. We are missing you tons! So glad tomorrow is November! Getting closer to home...hang in there..stay safe! xoxo

At 18:44, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Gnarly dude. That there be on helluva haircut. I thinkin bout gittin one next years.

At 02:21, Blogger Chevy Rose said...

I thought that was a squirrel on your shoulder....;)
God bless and stay safe.

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