Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Holidays From the Ballard Cats

Look how thrilled Kirby and Otis are to be wearing their reindeer antlers. Posted by Picasa


At 15:44, Anonymous otis ballard said...

i swear i wasn't drinking dad! mom made me put those dumb antlers on! see you soon!

At 15:46, Anonymous kirby ballard said...

i was drinking dad..and i love these antlers...they are the perfect holiday accessory. i love you and can't wait for one of your head rubs!

At 15:48, Anonymous the wife said...

kirby wasn't drinking...he was just happy about the antlers. i'm not sure about otis. ha ha. we all miss you so much and are glad you are finally getting all packed up to go. stay safe and see you soon! i love you!

At 21:33, Anonymous jeremy said...

That's some funny stuff. Meow.


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